Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage Cake Stands...................

Do you have something that you always search for on-line when you are bored or just dreaming? Well I do. Cake stands! I love old and vintage anything. I have always loved collecting "things" since I was young. I always loved rocks and collected them when we would travel. I also collected Barbies of all sorts and was known as the Barbie Queen. I would and still get them for birthdays and Christmas because I loved loved loved playing Barbies growing up, now I leave them unopened but still love receiving them. I also collected Madame Alexander Dolls, my grandma would give us one each year for our birthdays. As I got older I started collecting cute tea pots.

As of late, since I love to bake I love old vintage cake stands, to hold not only cakes but cupcakes, chocolates, cookies or lemon squares. So here is to dreaming and wishing. Check back with me in ten years and hopefully I will have an extensive collections of vintage cake stands.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter and Sugar Cookies........

For every holiday and time of year I love, I make sugar cookies and decorate them according to that season. I love spring time and I love Easter. I love everything about Easter....Easter egg hunts, dying eggs and spring dishes. I love it all. For the famous Bradford Sugar Cookie Recipe, click here. Here is to a beautiful spring and Easter. Enjoy!