Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is how we Roll Tide Roll........

To start each season off right we must place our scripted "A" on the door for good luck!
I love fall and this morning I woke up to a briskness in the air and although there is still some warm weather to come, it got me all excited for fall. I love all the cliche things about fall, changing leaves, apple cider and pumpkins, but also what fall symbolizes is College Football. I never really cared for football until I moved to the South and married a die hard Alabama fan and pretty much my life changed from there. I came to love game days on the quad in Tuscaloosa. And over time I grew to love game days on the quad more than Thad. I fell in love with the feel, the festivities and the smell of BBQ in the air.

Thad and I figured out the other day that this is our 5th football season we have spent together and in that time we have started some game day traditions that are pretty important to us. We both love tradition, good food and the Tide, so that basically makes a perfect combo for a perfect game day.

We recently moved from Tuscaloosa (Home of the Tide) to Trussville, a suburb of Birmingham. Since we no longer are in the center of all the action, we need to work a little harder to create a great game day atmosphere in our home. Usually mid-week we start talking about what we are going to make for game day and when I say "we", I mean Thad puts in his request and I make it. So we plan out our menu and enjoy the sounds of football playing on the TV and the smell of good food cooking in the air. I thought we would share with you a typical game day at the Foresters and show you how we Roll Tide Roll.........

So to start off with we had pigs in a blanket and they were the perfect appetizer for a football game
After the appetizer of pigs in a blanket we had some yummy homemade chili which I had cooked in the a crock-pot and the let all flavors marinate for several hours
Then Thad requested I make one of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.........New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

After our three course game day meal we sat on the couch and watched the Tide beat Arkansas in a 52-0 shutout. We definitely felt the Alabama spirit in our home on Saturday and hope to each game day, from here on out. Now we have to get to work on this Saturday's game day menu. Stay tuned................

Roll Tide!


  1. I could cry.....want to be there with you guys! xoxoxo

  2. Q just bought us a crock pot now that we are both working full time and cooking dinner is harder. Unfortunatley our first few tries we are failing miserably. Do you have any good crock pot recipes you could send him? Help!

  3. Yes, we miss the Tuscaloosa spirit, it just isn't the same without the big crowds. Did you mean to take the pics with Thad sitting on the couch each time. Ha. Lol. Hope to one day get together, but until then I will live the spirit through blogging. Thanks so much.

  4. Yum! Looks so delicious. I wish we lived MUCH closer to experience the thrill of Roll Tide.